Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
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Chambers draws on the testimony at the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline inquiry, along with other Dene sources, to complicate English/Western ways of spea ...

Cynthia Chambers

Morris’ work focuses on Fort Franklin (now Délı̨nę) in the Sahtú region. Her paper gives an overview of “the changes in human ecology a ...

Margaret [Miggs] Morris

Rushforth’s dissertation develops for the first time the crystallized ideas found in his other publications (in the collection of academic resour ...

Scott Rushforth

The Dene Cultural Conference was funded by the GNWT Department of Culture and Communications, and organized by the Community and Social Development ...

Debbie DeLancy

This report covers the staff, budget, expenditures, and accomplishments of the Language Commissioner’s office, as well as an overview of complain ...

Office of the Languages Commissioner of the Northwest Territories [Betty Harnum]
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Slowey identifies a rhetorical trend that frames the choice between development and land claims as a choice between “capitalism or traditionalism ...

Gabrielle Slowey
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Part of De Gruyter’s Grammar series, this text provides a detailed and comprehensive grammatical description of the Dene language categorized as ...

Keren Rice

This paper focuses on the importance of inter-cultural awareness in northern teachers. The authors discuss Dene Kede curriculum as an educational t ...

Debra Grieg and Gladys Norwegian
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