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From Dene Kedǝ to Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨ : Database

What is in this database?

This database represents a collection of resources compiled during a 2017-2018 project named From Dene Kedǝ to Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨: Rethinking Resurgence in the Sahtú RegionFrom Dene Kedǝ to Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨ was a collaborative project that explored lessons learned through the past fifty years of Dene and Métis language (Kedǝ) and way of life (Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨) initiatives, recognizing that Dene language and ways of life are intertwined.

Each item in the catalogue/database describes a resource that the research team used while preparing the report. For example,

  • Materials used to teach Dene Kedǝ and Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨ in Sahtú schools
  • Reports from the Sahtú, GNWT, and Canada that talk about Dene Kedǝ and Dene Ts’ı̨lı̨ in the Sahtú region and beyond
  • Records from Sahtú scholars, anthropologists, linguists, historians, and any mix thereof
  • Community newsletters, magazines, and organization websites
  • Research about wellness, land-based programs, governance, and language
  • Student work: theses and dissertations from and about the Sahtú

Each resource has a description, and may also contain links to further information, images, or PDFs, depending on what the research team had permission to share.

How do I use this database?

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