Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

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As required by the Sahtú Dene and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, Section 13.8.21 (b), the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board conducted a public hearing 21-23 November 2007 in Fort Good Hope, NT to hear from all affected and interested parties about establishing a Total Allowable Harvest to reduce harvesting on the Bluenose-West caribou herd. The hearing provided a wide range of interested parties an opportunity to express their views on barren-ground caribou management in the Sahtu Settlement Area. Information related to the hearing can be found on the SRRB’s Public Registry at: www.srrb.nt.ca.

The Sahtu Renewable Resources Board provided the following recommendations concerning a Total Allowable Harvest and Sahtu Needs Level for the Bluenose-West herd as well as additional recommendations about caribou management to the Department of Environment & Natural Resources:

1. A Total Allowable Harvest of 4% should be set for the Bluenose-West caribou herd.

2. The harvest of Bluenose-West caribou should be biased toward bulls.

3. A Sahtu Needs Level should be established and allocated to Sahtu communities based on their average share, since 2005, of total harvests of BNW caribou.

4. The Sahtu Needs Level should be enforced and monitored.

5. The current muskox quotas in the Sahtu Region should be increased.

6. There should be increased conservation education in the Sahtu communities.

7. Ensure caribou harvest data is obtained from the three communities in the Sahtu that harvest Bluenose-West caribou.

8. There should be increased management efforts on alternative game.

9. Every effort should be made to ensure community participation in management studies.

10. Barren-ground caribou hunting zones in the Sahtu should be modified to reflect herd specific management.

11. The most current population management techniques should be brought to bear in making management decisions on the Bluenose-West herd.

The Sahtu Renewable Resources Board provided the following recommendations about development, habitat, and caribou management to Indian & Northern Affairs Canada:

1. Conditions on land use and water licenses should reflect the need to minimize disturbance and protect caribou habitat.

2. Caribou protection measures must be updated and implemented where practical.