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Folder 03.3 Relevant Documents - Northern Mountain Caribou


pdf MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR NORTHERN MOUNTAIN CARIBOU in the Northwest Territories Popular

Listed in 2005 as a species of special concern, the plan summarizes threats, sets out management goals, and recommends a series of recovery measures to be considered. It also provides an implementation schedule with 8 objectives in mind:

1. Determine herd status and trends over time.

2. Manage harvest for sustainable use.

3. Assess health risks and maintain caribou health.

4. Increase understanding of the dynamics of predator-prey systems and potential competition with other herbivores.

5. Identify and assess the quality, quantity and distribution of important habitats for the population.

6. Manage and conserve important habitats to support caribou herds.

7. Promote conservation of the NMP through environmental and cumulative effects assessments.

8 Foster opportunities to share knowledge and information and develop education and stewardship programs

pdf Management Plan for the Northern Mountain Population in Canada Popular

Looks across Canada. NWT specifics can be found throughout document but good resources on pages 16 and 68 – 71.

pdf Species Status Report Northern Mountain Population Popular

Looks specifically at both traditional and community knowledge and scientific knowledge. Asking questions and providing answers, it provides detailed updates on range, habitat, biology, population, threats and limiting factors, and positive influences.