Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

Folder 01.0 Public Notices and Information Requests


pdf 22-04-14 Délı̨nę 2021 PLS Procedural Guidance and HGS Policy Guide Popular

This notice provides an update on the Délı̨nę 2021 Virtual Ɂełets’ewéhkwę Godı (Public Listening Session – PLS), scheduled for April 25-29. Clarifications on procedural guidance are provided. As well, a Hı̨dó Gogha Sę́nę́gots’ı́ɂá (Plan for the Future) Policy and Guide, revised in part based on feedback from Parties, is provided for a second round of review and comment. Parties are encouraged to include comments on the Policy and Guide in their written and oral submissions to the PLS. A reminder that written and/or slide presentations is April 22, 2022. Final written arguments are due two weeks after the close of the PLS, on May 16, 2022.

pdf 22-04-22 SRRB PLS Teleconference 3 Presentation Popular

This presentation was shared by the SRRB during Teleconference #3.

pdf 22-05-16 Délı̨nę 2021 PLS - Final Written Arguments and Possible 12.21 Motion Popular

This notice provides an update on the deadline for Final Written Arguments before the record closes for the Délı̨nę 2021 PLS. As well, the Parties are informed of a process to consider a possible motion protecting confidential, proprietary or sensitive information. 

pdf 22-08-11 Délı̨nę 2021 PLS - Colville Confidentiality Motion Popular

The SRRB is hereby providing notice of a confidentiality motion by Dehlà Got'ı̨ nę (Colville Lake) for the Délı̨ nę 2021 Ɂełets’ewéhkwę Godı (Public Listening Session - PLS). Parties and the public are invited to file submissions on the Motion by August 25, 2022.