Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

pdf 2016-10-20 Sahtú Harvest Study Methods Report Popular

This is a report on the Sahtú Harvest Study data collection and analysis methods. Further study results and analyses are included in separate reports. The report is divided into five sections:

  1. Study Background – Contains an overview of requirements for the Harvest Study as described in the Land Claim Agreement. Details are provided about Sahtú Minimum Needs Levels (SMNL) calculations and how they may be used to help protect Sahtú Dene and Métis harvesting traditions in the event of any future harvest limitations. This section also describes how the Study was designed and coordinated.
  2. Study Methods and Implementation – Provides details on study area and timing, data collection methods, and how information was managed and stored.
  3. Data Analysis – Describes the necessary calculations and statistical analyses for estimating total harvests from harvests recorded by Community Interviewers.
  4. Data Reliability – Provides a discussion of how well the SHS met the assumptions of the statistical analysis, as well as any known strengths and weaknesses of the dataset.
  5. Conclusion – An overall assessment of Study data accuracy and reliability is provided, along with caveats for use of the information.

This report is intended to be used as a way of communicating how the Sahtú Harvest Study was conducted, with the goal of better informing researchers, managers and any others who intend to use the information resulting from the Study.