Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
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pdf 19-06 Nı́o Nę P'ęnę́ - Trails of the Mountain Caribou Plan DRAFT Popular

Nío Nę P’ęnę́ Begháré Shúhta Goɂepę́ Narehɂá – Trails of the Mountain Caribou Plan was prepared by the Nı́o Nę P’ęnę́ Working Group, and written from their information by Janet Winbourne, Independent Consultant.

An initial version of this draft plan was prepared in fall 2017 for review and approval by members of the Nío Nę P’ęnę́ Working Group. It was then presented to the leadership and communities of Tu Łidlini (Ross River), Tulı́t'a, and Norman Wells for review. This second version is an updated draft that was revised following the feedback heard at those regional engagements.

The plan describes the need for a plan for the Nı́o Nę P'ęnę́ area, offers a vision for people and shúhta goɂepę́, outlines assets and threats, and proposes programs and strategies as well as a framework for "learning as we go." Development of a land-based Indigenous Guardian and Wellness Program is at the heart of the plan. Harvest regulation is a key feature of Program area 2, Reducing Disturbance of Shúhta Goɂepę́.

In June 2019, at a joint leadership meeting held in Tu Łidlini, a resolution was passed to approve the draft plan. The plan is pending approval by Tulı́t'a, Norman Wells and Tulı́t'a District leaders and should not be distributed or cited without permission. All Indigenous knowledge in the plan is the intellectual property of Shúhta Dene and Métis people. It cannot be used without written consent through the Nı́o Nę P’ęnę́ Working Group. Contact the Working Group Chair, Leon Andrew, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..