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Executive Summary

Preparation Workshop for the 2024 Tłegǫ́hłı̨ Public Listening Session

Climate Change and Wildfire

A three-day meeting was held in Norman Wells from November 7-9, 2023. Its purpose was to prepare community representatives for the February 2024 public listening session on “What should people’s role be in addressing the impact of climate change and wildfire on caribou?” Representatives from all five Sahtú communities were in attendance.

Day One:

  • The SRRB presented briefly on the history of the Public Listening Series (PLS) and its process in more detail. Discussion and questions followed.
  • Jenn Baltzer presented on her findings from multi-year research on the impacts of wildland fires post-2014 season. Specifically, will the forests return, what are the impacts on wildlife/caribou, how long does the habitat take to recover and can recovery be sped up. Discussion and questions followed.

Day Two:

  • Before getting into the PLS questions, the group discussed harvest regulations, community conservation plans, and guardian programs.
  • The SRRB presented on Hı̨dó gogha sénégots’ıɂá (Planning for the Future - PFF), including Chapter 13 of the Sahtú Dene and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, the Board’s strategic plan that recognizes PFF is the foundation of wildlife stewardship in the Sahtú, and what goes into a written plan as well as the approval and review process for PFF. The SRRB reiterated the PFF is a community-based, rights-compliant, governance framework that reflects and respects local Dene and Métis knowledges, customs, and practices.
  • The entire group then divided into community groups to discuss the Information Request (IR) questions going out to PLS parties on November 15, 2023.
  • Discussion at the end of the day centered around changes to the land.

Day Three:

  • Gillian Donald presented on behalf of Colin McDonald, the SRRB’s science advisor, about the western science on the effects of climate change and wildfires on caribou in the Sahtú, including causes of climate change, wildfires and the impacts on caribou. Discussion and questions followed.
  • The entire group then entered more discussion on the PLS process and the IR, before dividing again into community groups to work on answering IRs.
  • This discussion led to questions about fire management in the Sahtú.
  • Shawn Maxwell, Manager of Forests (Environment and Climate Change) for the Sahtú Region answered questions about wildfires and forest management, including the process for rebuilding cabins lost to wildfires, the effects of fire retardant on waterways, and back burning.
  • Kevin Chan, Sahtú Region biologist for Environment and Climate Change, answered questions on ticks, birds, and Mountain Caribou monitoring.
  • Additional information and details can be found in the full 21-page report.