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pdf 2017 Social Sciences in Conservation Bennett et al Popular

Abstract: Despite broad recognition of the value of social sciences and increasingly vocal calls for betterengagement with the human element of conservation, the conservation social sciences remain misunderstoodand underutilized in practice. The conservation social sciences can provide unique and important contributionsto society’s understanding of the relationships between humans and nature and to improving conservationpractice and outcomes. There are 4 barriers—ideological, institutional, knowledge, and capacity—tomeaningful integration of the social sciences into conservation. We provide practical guidance on overcomingthese barriers to mainstream the social sciences in conservation science, practice, and policy. Broadly, we recommendfostering knowledge on the scope and contributions of the social sciences to conservation, includingsocial scientists from the inception of interdisciplinary research projects, incorporating social science researchand insights during all stages of conservation planning and implementation, building social science capacityat all scales in conservation organizations and agencies, and promoting engagement with the social sciencesin and through global conservation policy-influencing organizations. Conservation social scientists, too, needto be willing to engage with natural science knowledge and to communicate insights and recommendations clearly. We urge the conservation community to move beyond superficial engagement with the conservationclearly. We urge the conservation community to move beyond superficial engagement with the conservationsocial sciences. A more inclusive and integrative conservation science—one that includes the natural andsocial sciences—will enable more ecologically effective and socially just conservation. Better collaborationamong social scientists, natural scientists, practitioners, and policy makers will facilitate a renewed and morerobust conservation. Mainstreaming the conservation social sciences will facilitate the uptake of the full rangeof insights and contributions from these fields into conservation policy and practice.