Ɂehdzo Got’ı̨nę Gots’ę́ Nákedı
Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

Folder 6.0 Sahtú Dene Audio

This is a registry of audio recordings from the Colville 2020 Public Listening - Sahtú Ragóɂa (Hunting Laws) and Approaches to Wildlife Harvesting, in the dialects of the Sahtú including Délı̨nę, Shúhta, K'áalǫ, K'áhsho, and Dehlá. The Tłı̨chǫ and English audio files are available upon request.

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record the translation of the Public Listening Introduction and Colville Lake's presentation. Those two files are in English.


audio Day 1.01 Intro Popular

Day 1 introduction by George Barnaby and Deborah Simmons (English).

audio Day 1.02 Colville Lake Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Colville Lake panel (English).
Presenters - David Codzi and Wilbert Kochon.

audio Day 1.03 Questions for Colville Lake Popular

Questions for the Colville Lake Panel.

audio Day 1.04 Délı̨nę Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Délı̨nę Panel.

Presenters - Walter Bezha, Gina Dolphus, Alfred Taniton and Hannah Taniton. 

audio Day 1.05 Questions for Délı̨nę Popular

Questions for the Délı̨nę Panel. 

audio Day 1.06 Fort Good Hope Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Fort Good Hope Panel.  
Presenters - Daniel Jackson, Frank T'Seleie, Gabriel Kochon and John Cotchilly.

audio Day 1.07 Questions for Fort Good Hope Popular

Questions for the Fort Good Hope Panel.

audio Day 1.08 Tulı́t'a Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Tulı́t'a panel.

Presenters - Chief Frank Andrew, Frederick Andrew, Gordon Yakeleya, Douglas Yallee and David Etchinelle. 

audio Day 1.09 Questions for Tulı́t'a Popular

Questions for the Tulı́t'a Panel

audio Day 2.01 Intro and Prayer Popular

Day 2 Introduction by George Barnaby and Deborah Simmons

audio Day 2.02 Norman Wells Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Norman Wells Panel. 
Presenters - Roger Odgaard, Edward Oudzi, Jazmine Plummer, Stuart Pope and Jaryd McDonald.

audio Day 2.03 Questions for Norman Wells Popular

Questions for the Norman Wells Panel.

audio Day 2.04 Sahtú Youth Network Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Sahtú Youth Network Panel. 

Presenters - Jeanette Kakfwi, Lacey Wrigley, Jaryd McDonald, Roseanne Taneton, Dakota Orlias and Hannah Taneton.

audio Day 2.05 Questions for Sahtú Youth Network Popular

Questions for the Sahtú Youth Network panel. 

audio Day 2.06 Indigenous Leadership Initiative Presentation Popular

Presentation by the Indigenous Leadership Initiative Panel.

Presenters - Ethel Blondin-Andrew and Leon Andrew.

audio Day 2.07 Questions for Indigenous Leadership Initiative Popular

Questions for the Indigenous Leadership Initiative Panel.

audio Day 2.08 ENR Presentation Popular

Presentation by the ENR Panel. 
Presenters - Brett Elkin, Heather Sayine-Crawford, Kevin Chan and Jan Adamczewski.

audio Day 2.09 Questions for ENR Popular

Questions for the ENR Panel.

audio Day 3.01 Intro Popular

Day 3 introduction by Deborah Simmons. 

audio Day 3.02 Sahtú Harvest Study Presentation Popular

Presentation by Janet Winbourne on the Sahtú Harvest Study.